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Engineering Design Resources has all the PE Exam, Continuing Education, and Fundamentals of Engineering Exam resources you need.

If you:

  1. Are serious about passing one of these exams,
  2. Are not willing to spend a small fortune in materials,
  3. Want to get prepared quickly and efficiently,

Then click on any of the categories below and let’s get started …

The intent of is to provide valuable, useable content for the design and construction professional. We will continue to add information to this website that we find pertinent and relevant. If there is something you cannot find or if there’s anything you’d like us to add, we invite you to leave us a comment so we can respond accordingly.

Worksheets, spreadsheets, design checklists, code review checklists, design software and other tools make daily tasks in the design office or on the construction site less taxing. If you have the needed systems and design software at your fingertips, problems get resolved quickly and your project progresses more smoothly resulting in a satisfied client and a larger profit.

On this site you’ll find:

A Few of the Topics Covered:
  • AHU Design and Selection Calculations
  • Air Handling HVAC Design Systems
  • Air Handling System Design Course
  • Architects Fee as Percentage of Construction Cost Formula
  • Architectural Engineering
  • AE PE Exam
  • Best Way to Prepare for PE Exam
  • Building Codes
  • Building Envelope Analysis
  • Building HVAC Loads
  • Building Project Management Fees Percentage
  • Calculating Project Management Fees
  • Civil Engineering
  • CE PE Exam
  • Commercial HVAC Load Calculation Worksheet
  • Commercial HVAC System Design
  • Construction Management Estimation Worksheet
  • Construction Management Fees
  • EE PE Exam
  • Examples of Architectural Exam Questions
  • Expansion Tank Sizing
  • Fire Protection
  • Fire Protection PE Exam
  • How Can I Learn HVAC Calculations
  • HVAC Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • ME PE Exam
  • MEP Consultant Fees
  • Preparing for the PE Exam
  • Project Management Fee Calculation
  • Sample Civil PE Structural Questions
  • Sample Mechanical PE Exam Questions
  • Studying for PE Exam
  • Tips for PE Exam
  • Test Day Resource Library
  • Which PE Exam Is the Easiest?
  • Worksheet for HVAC Projects
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Engineering Design Resources

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