Test Day Resource Library

The number 1 question I get is:
“What is the most important tool/resource I need to have to give me the best chance of success?”


Build A Solid Test Day Resource Library©

Test Day Resource Library

A Test Day Resource Library© is a collection of:

  • Example PE Exam problems with solutions
  • Applicable Equations
  • Charts and Tables
  • Commentary on Exam Topics (refer to NCEES)
  • Codes and Standards

These resources are then organized into tabbed binders – typically one binder per section (depending on the amount of information for each topic).

The Test Day Resource Library© must be assembled and personalized by each individual based on their strengths and weaknesses.

A packaged reference library would either not contain enough depth to be of any use on the exam or; it would have so much information that finding what you need during the exam would take a good portion of your allotted time.

The process of collecting, sorting, and organizing information directly applicable to your specific exam will force you to:

  1. consider each piece of information carefully
  2. make a decision on where to spend your preparation time
  3. dig deeper into your weaker topics
Retrieval Method

Devise a method of retrieval to locate information quickly.

Spend a portion of your allotted study time to reviewing and fine-tuning your reference binders.

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If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

To Your Success …

Jeff Setzer, PE
Test Day Resource Library

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Test Day Resource Library

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