100 Days to PE Exam Success

PE Exam SuccessTo PE Exam Success

That’s 14 weeks
(plus a few days)

Have you started preparing?
Do you know where to start?
Do you know what to study?
Do you have a plan?

If you answered no to any – or all – of these questions, then the next posts should prove to be beneficial. Not knowing where to start or what to study can cause you to procrastinate or skip preparing at all.

Over the next few weeks I’ll post tasks that will help you get on track, stay on track, and prepare for PE Exam success.

As you spend time preparing, let me know how you’re progressing, what other information you might need, and any strategies you’re using that may be useful for others.

Let’s get started …

Week 1 (January 7 thru January 13):

  • If you haven’t done so, go to NCEES.org and:
    • Get registered. PE Exam registration closes at 3:00 pm EST on February 19, 2015.
    • Check your state’s licensing requirements.
    • Download the Examinee Guide.
    • Download the Exam Guide for your specific discipline.
  • Read the blog post 10 Must Have PE Exam Resources. Start assembling the items listed and keep a running checklist of those things you need to acquire.
  • Read the blog post PE Exam Success – The 10 Best Ways To Be Prepared.
  • Download as many sample exams as you can find. To get you started, go to EngineeringDesignResources.com. By familiarizing yourself with sample exam problems, you get a feel for what to expect on Exam Day. Also, don’t overlook sample exams from related disciplines. For example, if you are taking the Civil Engineering – Structural – PE Exam, find and use sample exams from Architectural Engineering, Structural Engineering, etc.
  • Determine a plan of study. How much time are you going to spend each day? Each week? Without a plan, you may tend to stray and not cover all the topics.
  • Sign up for a review class – either online or at a local college. It’s probably been four years since you were tested on some of the topics. Reviewing the topics on the exam would be helpful.
  • Jump in. The next 100 days will go by fast. If you don’t commit to starting now, April 17th will be here before you realize. By spending a little time each day starting now, you won’t have to cram at the end.

Tune in again next week as I’ll get more specific and go deeper into your preparation for PE Exam success.

Day 100 (April 17): EXAM DAY

100 Days to PE Exam Success

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