12 Weeks to PE Exam

12 Weeks to PE Exam

12 Weeks to PE Exam

In my last post (100 Days PE to Exam Success), I outlined 10 action items for you to get stated on immediately. Hopefully by now, you’ve been able to check off everything on the list – or at least half of them.

  • How are you doing?
  • Have you gotten registered?
  • Do you meet the licensing requirements?
  • Have you read the referenced blog posts?
  • Have you put together your game plan?

I am a firm believer in:

  1. Assembling a concise, well-organized Test-Day Resource Library©.
  2. Working as many sample problems as possible.
  3. Taking a review course that only reviews test-specific topics.
  4. Remaining calm and confident throughout the process – including Exam Day.

In this post, I’m focusing on resources and the Test-Day Resource Library©

If you’ve read any of my PE Exam Study Guides you will remember the story of my exam day. Other test-takers were hauling in reference material on hand trucks and in actual bookcases. And there I stood with my little box of binders feeling vastly outnumbered and grossly under prepared.

But I wasn’t.

I had assembled just what I needed and in a system of binders that allowed me to find information quickly and efficiently. I was amazed and amused at the mad scramble, the frantic searches, and the sighs of grief as others tried desperately to find what they needed.

I don’t want you to experience that feeling.
So your mission is to assemble a Test-Day Resource Library©.

There are 2 methods to use:

1. Do internet searches on each of the topics listed on the NCEES website.

  • Print off any articles, sample problems, example situations, helpful commentary, etc. you think would be helpful on Exam Day.
  • Assemble 3-ring binders with your resource information. The number of binders and the organization of the material will depend on which exam you’re taking and on what information you include. Everyone is not the same in terms of their strengths and weaknesses so no two resource libraries should look exactly the same. You only want to include information you need – do not include resources in your strong areas or resources that you think may be on the test. Stick to the NCEES outline.
  • Include information you’ve gathered since graduation that is helpful in your daily career.
  • Include applicable code books, standards, and guides. Or if including the entire book is too much, make copies of useful charts, tables, etc.

2. Purchase a pre-assembled resource library and trim it down to fit your needs.

Do not overlook this very important task.

Your Test-Day Resource Library© will definitely be essential to the provisions you take to the exam site. But it will also:

  • Help you find and strengthen your weak spots
  • Support the strengths you already have
  • Give you confidence – by knowing you’ll have what you need
  • Become a useful resource in your career after the exam.

So commit to investing the time required, don’t take the first resource you find, research each topic thoroughly, and be successful on EXAM DAY!

12 Weeks to PE Exam

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