About Me

I am originally from Kansas City and graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Architectural Engineering/ Construction Science.
I spent the first couple of years post-graduation as an EIT performing mostly electrical design – power & lighting, and plumbing design at a small consulting engineering firm in Topeka, KS. I then moved to Houston, TX where I held mechanical/HVAC design engineer positions at several large consulting engineering companies before obtaining my PE license in 1992.

After obtaining my PE, I continued to work as a consulting engineering but spent the majority of the next 20 years as a project manager and construction manager on projects ranging from large hospital additions/renovations to major educational buildings. Along the way, I have also been involved in retail, industrial, hospitality, residential, and government projects. I have had the privilege to be involved (design, management, and construction) with small interior renovations up to projects involving significant infrastructure construction as a mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, fire protection engineer, civil engineer, and structural engineer.


At the Happiest Place on Earth

My wife and I have 2 wonderful sons and through their lives I have been fortunate to reshape my own life.

My oldest son was diagnosed with a brain tumor the summer before his 5th grade year. I have seen him fight and struggle with the immediate effects of the tumor plus the results of numerous surgeries and radiation treatments. He has lost all his vision in one eye and 90% of the vision in the other. He continues to move forward and succeed in spite of the odds against him.

My younger son has had to deal with the effects of losing his playmate and best friend at an early age because his brother could no longer do the things they used to do. But through this loss, his true self has become evident. He is compassionate, caring, and loving to all he meets. He has an unbelievable capacity to nurture and empathize with others regardless of background, heath, or status.

Through their lives, I have become fully aware of how precious live is and how short our time to make an impact and leave an impression. I now spend as much time as possible with my family, I go on mission trips with my church, I volunteer at youth-focused events, and I help people reach their goals.

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