Continuing Education

Continuing Education courses and resources for Engineering, Management, Building Inspection, and Construction Professionals:

Continuing Education Courses are the process through which an engineer/contractor/inspector:

  1. improves their knowledge base
  2. stays current on important topics and information
  3. passes on information and knowledge to others through:
    • presentations
    • articles
    • books

Participating in continuing education courses satisfies licensing requirements but, just as important, provides valuable knowledge, information, and insight that can be beneficial to future projects and clients. Taking continuing education courses ultimately can prove to be financially rewarding by:

  • providing additional services (learned through continuing education) to clients
  • providing better solutions to existing problems
  • gaining more exposure through press releases announcing course completions

Additionally, being a presenter at a CE course or seminar, writing an article or paper on a relevant topic, or by publishing a book, can bring in tremendous exposure to potential clients and projects.
Continuing Education Courses should not be viewed as unimportant or unproductive.
Find courses that interest you or in areas where you could use some additional instruction. If you can’t locate courses that are satisfactory, create your own and offer them to other engineers in your office or in other offices near where you work. Through the process of researching the topic and putting it into an educational format, you will learn new information and ultimately pass that information on to others.
Use your continuing education time wisely and this part of your annual or biennial licensure requirements won’t be a burden.
Currently, these eight jurisdictions do not have continuing education requirements:

  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • Massachusetts
  • Rhode Island
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • Washington DC
  • Puerto Rico

For a listing of individual state requirements, click HERE.

To verify specific requirements, click HERE for a list of state engineering boards.

Continuing Education Courses

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