Make PE Exam Prep Fun

How Can You

Make PE Exam Prep Fun

And Enjoy The Ride?

Make PE Exam Prep Fun

While I was preparing for my first attempt at the PE Exam, I did the usual things:

  1. I took a Review Course from a local university.
  2. I bought (and actually opened) a Review Manual and the associated Review Problems.
  3. I looked through a couple of Practice Exams.
  4. And, I did not Make PE Exam Prep Fun.

I didn’t pass the exam!

I already had a PE License in Texas – which fortunately was where the majority of my projects were located – so I didn’t concern myself with taking the exam again.

But then I moved … to another state.

And my PE License was not recognized outside the State of Texas.

I had a problem.

I had been out of college for 14 years, I had already not passed the exam, and quite frankly, I was not interested in relearning engineering information – that, by the way, I hadn’t used in those 14 years – with the possibility of not passing again.

What to do? … What to do?

Well, skipping the narrative on all the pro/con spreadsheets, the extrapolations, the what-if scenarios, etc., I decided to buckle down, put in the effort, and try again.

This time it worked.

How did I do it?

I was able to Make PE Exam Prep Fun!


 I was able to Make PE Exam Prep Fun by:

  • Downloading the exam outline from
  • Gathering, sorting, and reorganizing all the resources I had accumulated over my 14 year career.
  • Searching for additional resources where my information was lacking:
    • Internet
    • Reference books
    • Text books
    • Code books
    • Handbooks
    • Library
  • Finding example and practice questions that directly applied to each of the topics on the exam outline.
  • Making up my own practice questions from my resources.
  • Keeping a study plan and calender up-to-date.
  • Taking several sample exams to see where I needed additional focus and preparation.
  • Constantly telling myself that I would be successful – and, honestly, I didn’t want to prepare for and take the exam again.

I was able to make PE Exam Prep fun by making it a puzzle to be solved, a game to be played, an adventure to be lived. I realized that I had become an engineer because I enjoyed solving problems and finding answers.

After I successfully passed the PE Exam (and after being an engineer for 24 years) I decided to put my exam preparation methods to good use benefiting as many others as I could. Thus was born

I now have the privilege everyday to talk with and assist people from all over the world as they prepare to take their PE Exam. And the tasks that I constantly encourage them to pursue are:

  1. Build a comprehensive and usable Test-Day Resource Library©
  2. Work through as many sample problems as you can.
  3. Get help on your weaker topics.
  4. And have fun during the process. If its not fun, why are you pursuing it?

Make PE Exam Prep Fun

Photo Credit: estevenson / Foter / CC BY-NC

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